Counterfeit Royal Wedding Invitations Discovered

Fake wedding invitations for April 29 nuptials raise security concerns.

March 2, 2011, 12:04 PM

March 2, 2011— -- A man claiming to work for the printing firm that produced the royal wedding invitations attempted to sell contraband invitations to an undercover reporter, according to The Daily Telegraph.

The reporter was contacted by a Los Angeles-based royal memorabilia dealer, who had been approached by the man trying to sell the counterfeit invitation.

The blank invitation shown to a reporter for the London newspaper, The Mail on Sunday, was almost identical to the authentic invites -- missing only two dotted lines beneath where the names of the guests are written. In exchange for the black market goods, the man asked for 2,000 pounds ($3,200), also promising he could supply more.

After being shown a photo of the man, a spokesman from the printing firm Barnard and Westwood claimed he was not a company employee, noting, "If, after further investigation, I find that we have printed these documents, I will conduct a full internal inquiry."

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