Prince William and Kate Middleton Set to Visit English Countryside to Celebrate Socially Aware Youth

March 28, 2011 — -- Early next month, Prince William and Miss Middleton will travel to northern England, for what will be their last public appearance as an engaged couple. The palace announced their trip to Darwen, Lancashire, in the English countryside, where the couple will laud organizations that encourage youth to get involved in social change.

The royal couple are set to tour the progressive Darwen Aldrige Community Academy, a school with a mission to "harness entrepreneurship as a catalyst for social change" for all of its 850 students.

Following the tour, William will address the academy and officially launch the Skillforce Prince's Award, of which he is patron. This award recognizes young people "who show significant character or make a major contribution to the community in which they live."

The couple -- both avid about exercise -- will visit Witton Country Park to encourage the Queen Elizabeth II Fields Challenge, which aims to ensure spaces for recreational sports in communities across England. On the playing field, William will meet with soccer enthusiasts, while Kate works to start a 100 meter race. The couple will also watch young people with disabilities take part in cycling activities.

After spending April 11 applauding these organizations, Kate and William will switch to full-wedding mode, preparing for their own big day