Elton John Admits He Will Attend Royal Wedding

Sir Elton John has revealed that he and his partner, David Furnish, will be attending the royal wedding April 29 in London.

During an appearance on Canadian television, host Marilyn Denis asked if he had received an invite, which he initially denied. After a bit more pressing, the "Rocket Man" singer relented, "I've been trying to be discreet, yeah, we got an invitation."

Elton John admitted that he had not expected an invite, despite being a close friend of Princess Diana's. He said that princess-to-be Kate Middleton is very similar to William's mother, explaining, "She is very discreet, she is a very beautiful girl. They have been together a long time and I think she has handled the pressure so much."

One thing Sir Elton wasn't so approving of was William's decision to give Kate his mother's engagement ring, characterizing it as "a little odd."

He added: "I hope William becomes king at an early age. I think we need young people like him to lead. I think he will be a tremendous king, not that Charles won't, but I think William will be tremendous."