Prince William and Kate Middleton: A Thoroughly Modern Monarchy?

Poll finds British optimism about royal family after Will and Kate's wedding.

May 1, 2011, 5:59 PM

May 1, 2011— -- After decades of scandals and embarrassments for the royal family, Britons finally see a king and queen in their future, according to a poll released today by The Times of London.

Nearly three-quarters of Britons surveyed -- 73 percent -- said they believe the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will help revitalize a royal family that has been called "out of touch."

An estimated 1 million revelers lined the streets Friday to catch a glimpse of the duke and duchess -- or as Prince Harry reportedly called them later that evening in his best-man speech, the "dude and duchess."

From shouts of "Kiss her again!" which led to the now famous second kiss on the balcony, to the moment when the William drove Kate away from Buckingham palace in an Aston Martin convertible, the crowd roared with approval for the newlyweds, who could be their future king and queen.

"The extravagance, the divorces, the remoteness, the treatment of (Princess) Diana and the reaction to her death have all damaged the royal family in the eyes of the public," Mark Austin, a commentator for the Sunday Mirror newspaper, told The Associated Press. "But in down-to-earth William and nice, middle-class Kate, maybe the monarchy has chanced upon a marriage that can help it reinvent itself."

Londoners ABC News talked to on the street this weekend echoed the sentiment, saying the couple related to young people and were bringing the royal family into the modern world.

William and Kate even threw out formality and had a proper "knees up" on their wedding day, a buffet dinner for 300 guests and dancing, which lasted all night. Those still standing by the morning were served a brunch of bacon sandwiches and ice cream on the Buckingham Palace quad.

"I am glad the weather held off. We had a great day," Middleton told a photographer Friday.

The royal couple spent the night at Buckingham Palace, and emerged hand-in-hand Saturday morning before leaving the palace by helicopter.

After their private weekend, William will return to work next week as a Search and Rescue pilot on the island of Anglesey, according to a St James Palace spokesman.

ABC News' Olivia Katrandjian and Jessica Hopper contributed to this report.

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