Accused Canadian Cannibal Luka Magnotta Pleads Not Guilty

Porn actor Luka Magnotta was charged with the first degree murder of Jun Lin.

June 19, 2012, 4:26 PM

June 19, 2012 — -- Luka Magnotta, a Canadian porn actor accused killing, eating and mailing the dismembered body parts of his lover to schools and government offices, pleaded not guilty to five criminal counts including first degree murder.

Flanked by guards and expressionless, Magnotta, 29, appeared at the Montreal courthouse via closed-circuit video link for a hearing that lasted less than five minutes.

His lawyer, Pierre Panaccio, entered the plea on Magnotta's behalf and requested his client undergo psychiatric evaluation to determine his fitness for trial.

That motion will be decided Thursday when the court reconvenes.

Panaccio told Magnotta he wanted to discuss his defense with him and asked him call him at home.

"I'd be pleased to talk about this," Panaccio said, according to the CBC. "Okay," Magnotta responded, before being led back to his cell.

Magnotta arrived in Montreal Tuesday following his extradition from Germany. At the tarmac in Montreal, he was escorted off a military transport plane in shackles and escorted by a team of law enforcement officials.

Magnotta was arrested on June 4 in a Berlin Internet café, days after police believe he videotaped the murder of Jun Lin, mutilated his body and mailed his hands and feet to government offices and schools. Lin's torso was discovered near the Montreal apartment where Magnotta lived. Lin's head, however, remains missing.

Charged with first degree murder, Magnotta was for a time considered a priority fugitive by Interpol. He did not fight extradition and quickly admitted his identity when confronted by police in Germany, telling them, "OK, you got me."

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