Best and Worst Countries to be LGBT in Europe

Rainbow Index highlights policies and incidents from the past year

“Contrary to popular belief, LGBTI equality is far from being a done deal in Europe,” ILGA-Europe executive director Evelyne Paradis said speaking Tuesday in Copenhagen at the launch of the new index. “The picture is actually very mixed at the moment.”

The new ILGA-Europe Rainbow Index ranks 49 European countries based on practices, laws and policies that have an impact on LGBTI people. This includes documented acts of violence.

After reviewing those policies and incidents from 2015, the Rainbow Index ranked the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan as the worst place to live as an LGBTI person in Europe. Several murders were reported and investigated in the country throughout 2015 and many other violent attacks were carried out targeting LGBT people.

Russia and Armenia are also at the bottom of the Rainbow Index.

The UK, Malta and Belgium are the best countries to live for LGBTI people, according to the index.