Brussels activist turns potholes into flower pots to protest damaged roads

Brussels resident brightens up damaged roads with his planting protest.

Residents in Brussels are so fed up with potholes, an activist is taking it upon himself to make the streets a little more colorful.

Anton Schuurmans, 29, is going around the Belgian capital city filling potholes with flowers to highlight what he said is the poor condition of the city’s roads, according to Reuters.

Many people in Brussels are saluting Schuurmans' efforts, echoing his concerns for road repairs.

“There are many potholes in the street in front of my house, so we hear a lot of noise every evening as people drive over them quickly,” >one resident told Reuters.

The activist said his floral protest is already having some success in making critical repairs to the city's potholes.

“At least one pothole has been repaired two days after I planted the flower in it,” he said. “I was quite happy to see that.”