Camera catches van appearing to splash pedestrians on purpose in Canada

The van's driver was identified by the company.

July 30, 2018, 5:04 PM

A rainy day in Ottawa, Canada, became even wetter for a few pedestrians last Friday afternoon.

In a video posted to YouTube, unsuspecting pedestrians get soaked by a white van that appears to swerve on purpose to run through puddles and splash them.

The van can be seen veering three different times into puddles to splash unsuspecting people walking down the street. Some of those pedestrians were lucky to have umbrellas, although it did not help much as the deluge of water came their way.

After the video, posted by user Said Khan, went viral, the van was identified as being owned by contracting company Black & McDonald Limited. The company quickly identified the driver from the video and released a statement.

"We apologize to everyone impacted by the recent incident in Ottawa of unacceptable driving by one of our van drivers," the company said. "We want to reassure the public that safety is our #1 priority. This is an isolated incident and the individual is no longer employed with Black & McDonald."

The van splashing video also caught the eye of Ottawa Police, who were looking into the matter themselves. Ottawa Police Sgt. Mark Gatien tweeted his thanks to the company for "their quick and decisive action in this matter," as well as the patrol officer who assisted in the outcome.