Canadian teen will receive $1,000 a week for life after winning lottery

Charlie Lagarde won the grand prize on her 18th birthday.

March 28, 2018, 4:58 PM

A Canadian teen decided to buy a bottle of sparkling wine and a scratch-off lottery ticket on her birthday, but it wasn’t until she got home that she realized she had won the big prize, Loto Québec said.

Charlie Lagarde, 18, will receive $1,000 Canadian dollars (about $774 U.S. dollars) a week for life after winning the Gagnant à vie! Lottery, according to Loto Québec.

Players have a one in 6 million chance of winning the grand prize, the Gagnant à vie! website states.

Grand prize winners of Gagnant à vie! can either receive a check for $1 million Canadian dollars on the spot or a weekly payout of $1,000 for the rest of their life, Loto Québec said.

Lagarde waited a few weeks to decide if she should take the lifetime annuity or the lump sum payment; after speaking with her financial adviser, she decided on the weekly payment, Loto Québec said.

“In Québec, lottery winnings are tax-free and lifetime annuities are actually paid for the winner's entire life. Most lotteries in U.S. jurisdictions often limit 'lifetime' annuities to 25 years,” a spokesperson for Loto Québec said.

Lagarde plans to use her winnings to travel, one of her passions, Loto Québec said.

“I want to study photography. One of my dreams would be to work for National Geographic,” Lagarde said.

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