Elton John Cautions Against 'Nastiness' of Brit Media, Tells Prince William and Kate Middleton to Prepare for 'Bumpy' Ride

Singer advises Will and Kate to prepare for "bumpy ride" from press.

April 25, 2011 — -- British music superstar Elton John says his friend the late Princess Diana would be "very happy" with her son William's choice of bride, but he had harsh words for the British media that have intensified their coverage of William and Kate Middleton since their engagement was announced.

An aggressive pursuit by paparazzi in Paris is believed to have led to Diana's death in a car crash in 1997. Henri Paul, the driver of the car, apparently lost control as he tried to elude pursuing photographers. He and Diana and her companion, Dodi Fayed, were killed.

John, who performed at Diana's funeral at Westminster Abbey, cautioned William and Kate: "It starts here. Enjoy it while you can, because ... the press are going to give you a bumpy ride, they're going to love you, they're going to hate you."

Speaking in an interview with ABC News' Barbara Walters, John continued: "I just hope they love each other enough to stay away from all that. You know, (if) there's one thing in the world ... I could get rid of, it's that negativity in the British press, that hatefulness, that whole nastiness that pervades our British media, and I'm sorry we have it but we do, and we have to live with it, cause it's a great country, but there's one thing about Britain that sucks."

But even as he criticized the press, he acknowledged why people paid so much attention to the couple.

"Yeah, it is a fairy tale thing, and people criticize it and say we're making too much of it, but it's about love, and in this day and age, anything that's about love and positivity is a welcome relief from what's going on in the world," he said.

Prince William is scheduled to marry Middleton on Friday at Westminster Abbey.

John said this visit to the Abbey will be one of "great joy."

The last time he was in the Abbey, he recalled, "my heart sank when I saw those two boys walking behind the coffin," he said, referring to William and his younger brother, Prince Harry.

"I thought that was the hardest thing, I can't imagine at that young age having to walk in the public, following your mother's coffin," he said. "And the next time we're in the Abbey it's to see him walking up the aisle with a beautiful woman, the love of his life, I think it's the most joyous result and I'm sure Diana would be very, very happy about it."

John, who is raising a baby son with his partner, David Furnish, said he was "surprised" to have been invited to the wedding.

"I've only met William and Harry twice … but I'm very glad to be invited because I think it's going to be a very joyous day and I think (Diana) would be very happy with his choice, (Kate) seems such a great girl and they seem so much in love," he said.

Furnish, who has met both princes, said William is a "charming" man.

"He is charming, confident, very down to earth, has a little bit of his mother's sense of humor in him, likes a bit of a laugh, and a striking resemblance to his mother when you look into his eyes. Really rather startling when you get that certain angle, he's a lovely man," Furnish said of the 28-year-old prince.

John said he hopes William and his 29-year-old bride-to-be, Kate, have "the most wonderful day."

"I hope everyone celebrates for them, whether they agree with the monarchy or not. It's about two people falling in love and getting into a situation, for her especially, where it's going to be the most difficult life. I mean, let's face it, we know what that kind of marriage entails, and the press never leave you alone, the courtiers ... I admire her for going through with it," he added.

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