Floodwaters flow through submerged car in Australia

VIDEO: Raging floodwaters from Tropical Cyclone Debbie flow through a completely submerged car in Queensland, Australia.PlayRaymond Grice
WATCH Floodwaters flow through submerged car in Australia

Flash flooding created by Tropical Cyclone Debbie is no joke, but this unique sight out of Queensland, Australia, left a few people laughing.

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It was a test of horsepower vs. water power as a partially-submerged car attempted to reverse from raging floodwaters. Captured on camera, the moment also shows a young boy opening the vehicle’s passenger-side door, unleashing a deluge of water from the interior.

Floating cars don’t appear to be the only unusual items to be spotted in the waters. Residents were recently warned to stay out of floodwaters after a bull shark washed up on an inland road in the Queensland town of Ayr.