Helping Hadija: Push to Get Schooling for Thousands of Syrian Refugee Children

Groups are working with Lebanon to get free public education for all.

Meet Hadija as she headed to the fields in 2014.

Once from middle-class families in Syria, some of these children, like Hadija, have been forced to support their families through back-breaking work. They spend up to seven hours a day filling sacks with potatoes.

UNICEF said $15 provide notebooks and pencils for a classroom of 28 children; $5.28 provide notebooks and pencils for 10 children; and $13 provide two story books.

There are more than 2 million out-of-school children in Syria, according to UNICEF, in addition to 700,000 Syrian refugee children in neighboring countries. Some Syrian children have lost up to five years of their education.

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Hadija has been able to attend class, but she's currently out of school. Instead, she's been working in the fields to help support her family, earning $4 to $6 a day. She says that she wants to learn and that education is important.

She said her hope is to return to Syria and continue her education there.