Huge barrel jellyfish spotted off UK coast: 'I've never seen anything like it'

The photographer estimates that the jellyfish was around 5 feet long.

LONDON -- A pair of lucky divers filmed their experience swimming with a "huge" barrel jellyfish off the coast of Cornwall in the U.K., describing the moment they came face-to-face with the marine giant as "breathtaking."

Biologist and wildlife presenter Lizzie Daly was diving off the coast of Falmouth, Cornwall, when underwater cinematographer Dan Abbott captured the image as part of Wild Ocean Week, a fundraising measure for the Marine Conservation Society.

This picture, taken from the Facebook video, shows Daly swimming just feet away from the barrel jellyfish.

Abbott told ABC News that the pair had dived with seals, Minke whales and sea birds throughout their week but swimming with the barrel jellyfish was a "humbling" experience.

"We estimate the jellyfish to be around 1.5 meters (5 feet) long, the same size as Lizzie," he said. "The feeling seeing a jellyfish that size was incredible. Neither of us had ever seen one that big before and it was a humbling and beautiful experience to be able to share its home for a few moments."

Daly has since said she is delighted with the response to the images, which have received global coverage from various media outlets.

"I started Wild Ocean Week with the intention of inspiring a wider audience about the wonderful nature on our doorstep," she posted on Facebook. "I wanted to show people that you really can see some pretty phenomenal things here in the UK and we should be celebrating it, protecting it, inspired by it!! Giant jellyfish you have done just that. So THANK YOU!! I feel humbled to have shared the same space as you."