Inside Bataclan Concert Hall: 'There Wasn't Screaming, Just Silence'

Witnesses describe the horror inside Bataclan Concert Hall.

November 15, 2015, 9:28 PM

— -- Concertgoer Hanna Corbett said she knew something was wrong at the Eagles of Death Metal Band show in Paris when "the lead singer's face just dropped."

"He looked petrified and he ran off stage," Corbett told ABC News.

Corbett and Jack Konda were just eight rows from the stage inside the Bataclan Concert Hall when gunmen unleashed an attack towards the end of Friday night's concert. The concert massacre was one of six attacks throughout Paris Friday night that left nearly 130 people dead overall.

"We heard this crackling noise like firecrackers," Corbett said.

Inside the concert hall, Konda said people started dropping to the floor row by row, and he and Corbett followed suit. Konda then moved to protect Corbett, he said, by lying on top of her.

After the initial gasps, there was just "the hollow sound of gunfire," they said. "There wasn't screaming," they said, "just silence."

Some people were too petrified to move, so Corbett and Konda had to climb over them to scramble to safety, "which was a bit horrible," said Corbett.

One woman who heard the gunman speak

"In perfect French, perfect French -- no accent, the man said, 'you killed our brothers in Syria and now we're here,'" Celia, who asked that her last name not be used, said.

Konda said he is "feeling very, very lucky" to have made it out of the theater alive, but "obviously devastated that so many other people weren't as lucky as we were."

"It's really heartbreaking," Corbett added.

At least 129 people died in the Paris attacks and at least 352 people were injured.

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