Iran's President Says Country Will Meet All Its Commitments on Nuclear Deal

The message came a day after the historic agreement.

In a speech carried live on Iranian TV, he said, “We have secured our nuclear rights, the removal of sanctions and constructive engagement with the world.”

He said the agreement showed the P5+1 had accepted enrichment on Iranian soil, and in so doing, agreed that Iran is not a threat to anyone.

Addressing Iran’s hardliners, Rouhani said “some think we have to fight the world or surrender. We think there is a third way: cooperation. The West sanctioned us to make us surrender, but saw that we would not give in… The world should know we stand by our commitments. But the other side must also meet its commitments."

And for the first time, he hinted at more to come -- saying the nuclear talks were the first step towards constructive interaction with the world: “It’s not just the nuclear issue. ... This is the first step towards the constructive cooperation and interaction with the world. In today’s world, security not possible without cooperation and coordination ... will improve relations ... with countries we have tense relations."

Until now, both sides have compartmentalized the nuclear file -- keeping it separate from the other issues.