Politician who aided fallen London cop greets police officer outside Parliament

Member of Parliament Tobias Ellwood tried to help officer killed in attack.

— -- A member of British Parliament hailed as a hero after he aided a victim of the London terror attack was photographed shaking hands with an armed officer as he walked into the Houses of Parliament two days after the attack.

As Tobias Ellwood, who also serves as a foreign office minister, came to work Friday, he walked by a pile of flowers laid in honor of the four people, including police officer Keith Palmer, who died in the Wednesday afternoon terror attack.

When the attack unfolded Wednesday near London's Westminster Bridge, Ellwood, 50, was photographed with a bloody face after he attempted to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to Palmer, who was stabbed, the BBC reported. The Parliament member had also applied pressure to the officer's multiple lacerations, The Associated Press reported.

Photos show Ellwood crouched over the victim as first responders surrounded them.

Palmer, a husband and father who had served for 15 years with the Metropolitan Police Service, did not survive.

Wednesday's attack began when a car struck pedestrians and three police officers on Westminster Bridge.

The car then crashed into the fence around the Houses of Parliament, and a man armed with a knife attacked an officer who was standing guard.

The suspect, who authorities believe acted alone, was then shot and killed by police, according to the Metropolitan Police Service.

Four people died in the attack, and at least 28 others were injured.

Wednesday's attack, which occurred on the one-year anniversary of attacks in Brussels that killed 32 people and wounded hundreds, recalled the vehicle attacks last year in Berlin and Nice, France.

ABC News' Julia Jacobo contributed to this report.