Carlo Gianferro
  • Roma Interiors is a series of portraits meant to capture the private and intriguing inner world of Romani people. These people reside in extravagant and expansive treasure houses that are deliberately labyrinthian and complex. These houses and the items they are filled with are how Romani people choose to show their success.
    Carlo Gianferro
  • This room in Rescani, Republic of Moldova, is dubbed "The Dollar Room."
  • A young girls sits surrounded by faux flowers and murals in her home in Soroca, Republic of Moldova.
  • Artur Cerari at his home in Soroca, Republic of Moldova. Cerari is known as the "King" of Moldova Roma community.
  • Filling up these spaces is a process. Sometimes large rooms are minimized by their empty space waiting to be filled.
  • A small child sits on a bright chair in a bathroom full of state-of-the-art appliances.
    Carlo Gianferro
  • To Gianferro, these portraits are of a people anting to show their success in finding and forging a place, along with a future, within our society and without losing their gypsy values that are orally handed down from their ancestors.
    Carlo Gianferro
  • Cheerful and inviting colors are very important to the life of Romani people. Wall to wall sofas accommodate large and frequent social gatherings. In both furnishings and attire, their colors of choice are often vivid and sometimes improbable combinations.
  • Roma girls do not attend school, but this might be changing in the future with the political activism promoting the education of young Roma girls becoming more prevalent. For more from this series, visit
  • A young boy sits in a simpler Roma room with a large bottle of champagne.
  • A grandfather sits in his elaborate bedroom in Soroca, Republic of Moldova.
  • A mother and daughter sit next to a massive baroque space heater in Ciurea, Romania.
  • This woman from Ciurea, Romania chose to paint her walls orange, her favorite color.
  • A woman sits with her child in front of a tiger mural in their home in Gradjuli, Romania.
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