Police Find Car Lost for 6 Months After Driver Forgot Where He Parked

The driver had forgotten which parking garage he left the car at.

The driver lost the car last June when he was visiting the city, according to Greater Manchester Police. The driver said he had parked the vehicle at a multistory garage, but upon trying to return to it, he forgot which garage the car had been parked in, police wrote on Twitter.

The driver apparently spent five days searching various car parks in the city before reporting the vehicle as lost or stolen, police said.

The car was finally found this past Friday by police officers in Manchester city center, police tweeted.

"We can't imagine what the ticket machine is going to say when they finally put the ticket in - £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££," police wrote.

Greater Manchester Police did not immediately respond to ABC News' requests for additional information, including where the car was found and whether the driver had to pay a hefty fee.

According to the Manchester Evening News, a local daily newspaper, Greater Manchester Police is known for its humorous tweets.

"We’ve found that social media is a great engagement tool," said GMP Insp. Phil Spurgeon, according to the newspaper.

"By making content relevant and interesting, we’ve developed a wide audience, which is great when we have appeals for wanted or missing persons, and also community safety initiatives," Spurgeon said.

The inspector did note, however, that Twitter "has to be used responsibly."

"[W]e should not use puns or humor at the expense of victims or vulnerable people," Spurgeon said. "My general philosophy is that we should always be serious about the serious stuff, but everything else...."