Predator Drone Reportedly Spotted Over ISIS Stronghold

Pro-ISIS witnesses, Syrian activists say images show UAV over Raqqa.

Activists with the “Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered” campaign, who snapped some of the photos, told ABC News the drone spent about three hours flying over Raqqa city between noon and 3pm local time. These activists also reported seeing two purported ISIS fighters wearily watching the drone on a commercial street before taking off on a 4x4.

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New Rescue Mission for ISIS Hostages Difficult, Still Possible: Experts

Digital Feature: Who Is ISIS?

Former U.S. military officials recently told ABC News that while the first rescue attempt and its subsequent public acknowledgment may have cost the American commandos some element of surprise, another rescue attempt wasn’t out of the question.

The U.S. is also urgently seeking intelligence on potential military targets. U.S. officials told ABC News that while top ISIS leaders appear to be using encrypted communications to avoid being detected, surveillance at ISIS command centers has begun to produce a few possible leads.

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