Russia Gives France a Puppy Following Death of Police Dog During Paris Attacks

The puppy named Dobrynya will replace fallen Belgian Shepherd Diesel.

The new police dog, Dobrynya, is replacing the fallen seven-year-old Belgian shepherd, Diesel.

The K-9 died during an apartment raid of the alleged mastermind behind the Paris attacks, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, in November, ABC affiliate WABC reported.

The Embassy tweeted photos and video of the the event, where French Ambassador Jean-Maurice Ripert said, the puppy is a "living symbol of the strong ties of friendship and cooperation" between France and Russia. The newest member of the French police force is named after Dobrynya Nikitich, a heroic knight from Russian folk legend.

Ripert received Dobrynya from Russia's Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Igor Zubov at 5 P.M. in Moscow, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs website.

Ripert said, both countries were "victims of the same terrorist actions," according to the French Embassy, calling the gift of Dobrynya a "touching gesture."