Report: Covert CIA Anti-Terror Program Expanding



Covert CIA Program Withstands New Furor

Anti-terror program authorized by Bush after 9/11 has expanded in size and ambition, despite a growing outcry over its clandestine tactics. (Washington Post)

U.S. to Probe Contractor's Web Tracking

U.S. to Investigate Contractor's Use of Web Tracking Technologies on White House Web Site. (AP)


Guantanamo Hunger Strikers Double

The number of detainees taking part in a hunger strike at the Guantanamo Bay prison camp has more than doubled in the past week, US authorities say. (BBC)


One Man's Trash Doesn't Necessarily Become Another Man's Treasure

Combating the Heaps of E-Waste Responsibly. (ABC News)


10 Sudanese Migrants Killed in Cairo

10 Sudanese Migrants Killed in Clashes With Police Trying to Clear Them From Cairo Park. (AP)

East Africa

Millions Face Food Shortages in E. Africa

Millions Face Extreme Food Shortages in Three East African Countries Due to Drought. (AP)


Italy's Pursuit of CIA Operatives Stalls

Resistance by Berlusconi government and apathy about being able to keep the U.S. from infringing sovereignty fetter case of imam spirited abroad. (LA Times)


Court Orders Mass Grave DNA tests

A court in the Indian state of Gujarat has ordered that samples of human remains found earlier this week be sent for DNA testing. (BBC)


International Team to Review Iraq Results

International Team Agrees to Review Iraq Election Results; Sunni Arabs, Shiites Praise Decision. (AP)

Militants Slaughter 14 Members of One Family In Latifiya, Iraq

Six militants murdered 14 members of one Shiite family in the Iraqi city of Latifiya, Iraqi police said on Thursday. (Kuwait News Agency)

U.S. to Restrict Iraqi Police

Military oversight will be bolstered in response to reports of prisoner abuse, reasserting American authority over security forces. (LA Times)

Death Threats Cut Iraq Oil Flow

Iraq's largest oil refinery has been shut down following death threats to tanker drivers, jeopardising supplies of electricity across northern Iraq. (BBC)

Al Qaeda in Iraq threatens to kill 5 kidnapped Sudanese in two days

Al Qaeda in Iraq threatened to kill five kidnapped employees of the Sudanese Embassy in Baghdad on Saturday unless Khartoum removes its diplomatic mission from Iraq. (AP)

Iraq al Qaeda claims missile attack on Israel: Web

Al Qaeda in Iraq said it had launched missiles at Israel from Lebanon as part of a "new attack" on the Jewish state, a statement posted on the Web said on Thursday. (Reuters)


The Year in Bad News

At year-end, I usually like to offer readers a lighthearted collection of imaginary headlines, but 2005 somehow didn't seem very funny. (Washington Post)

Iran and the Story of the "Stupid Tree"

The moral of the story of the "Stupid Tree" is that Iran, whether through an agreement or a stroke of luck, has become the biggest beneficiary of American and Arab policy in the Middle East. (Al Hayat)

A High-Stakes Nuclear Gamble

Imagine a world with 20 or more nuclear weapons states. This was President Kennedy's dark vision in 1963. Were it to come to pass, the risk that terrorists could buy or steal nuclear bombs would rise significantly. Yet President Bush's recent proposal to provide nuclear energy assistance to India is a dangerous gamble that makes such an outcome more likely. (LA Times)

Image problems hamper US on goals abroad

Perceived missteps in foreign and domestic policy set diplomacy back for '06. (CS Monitor)

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