Sacre Bleu: It's Official!

French President weds supermodel girlfriend in hush-hush ceremony

ByABC News
February 9, 2009, 2:27 PM

February 3, 2008— -- It was no secret that they were going to wed. The French President had always said marriage was on the table and he hinted it was imminent. At a recent press conference, Pres. Sarkozy told reporters, "This is serious, you'll probably find out about the wedding after it's already done."

True to his word, on Saturday, after nearly three months of courting and wooing the former model-turned-folk singer Carla Bruni, the couple tied the knot at the presidential Elysee Palace with little fanfare.

Why the speedy marriage? Rumor has it that Sarkozy was worried about being a guest of the Queen Elizabeth II in March with only a "live-in lover" by his side.

Unlike their very public relationship, which found them visiting every place from Egypt's Valley of the Kings to Disneyland Paris with photographers snapping their every move, their wedding was a very private affair.

The secret ceremony took 20 minutes and was attended by only a handful of their close friends and family. And no pictures of the newlyweds have been released.

The mayor who married them, Francois Lebel, told French Europe-1 radio, "I married two voters, who live at 55 Rue du Faubourg St Honore," giving the official address of the Elysee.

According to Lebel, "they were emotional and amorous" and sealed the ceremony with a kiss.

The bride wore a white Hermes dress and "looked ravishing." As for the bridegroom, the mayor says he wasn't bad either.

Lebel called it a "historic moment" and said it was the first time a French president had married while in office, but historians pointed out that President Gaston Doumergue married in 1931, 12 days before leaving office.

Outside the Palace, the pack of paparazzi waiting to catch a glimpse of the couple on their big day were disappointed. The happy couple were nowhere to be seen.

After the ceremony, it was lunch at the lavish Ritz Hotel. The crowd trying to sneak a peek, got a peek at Sylvester Stallone instead. He is there promoting his new movie, "Rambo."