For Your Eyes Only, Bond Bikini On Sale

Her name was Honey Rider in the film Dr. No. But it's the bikini she wore that made Ursula Andress the first "Bond" girl and a household name.

And it's that bikini that will be going into the beach bag of a bidder in London.

"This bikini made me into a success," says Ursula Andress who was listed as the seller. "My entrance in the film wearing the bikini on that beautiful beach seems to now be regarded as a classical moment in cinema, and made me world famous as 'The Bond Girl.'"

The bikini — designed by Andress (in conjunction with the film's director, Terence Young) to hold up as a practical 'action' garment as well as a fashion statement, sold at Christie's James Bond auction for a cool $59,755.

World-Class Action for Bond Fans

Bond memorabilia is big business.

Today's sale consisted of more than 250 lots. There were items from each of the 21 Bond films up for auction.

James Bond, the dashing and debonair British spy, continues to thrill and seduce.

The 1965 Aston Martin DB5 driven by Pierce Brosnan staring as James Bond in the film Golden Eye, sold to a 36-year-old entrepreneur for $229,000.

Max Reid, of Sheffield England, runs a computer leasing firm. He says he bought the car to give to his wife Helen for Valentines Day.

Christie's admits the Bond sale was timed to coincide with St. Valentines Day — who better than Bond, James Bond, to capture hearts and pocket books.

It was the largest ever sale of gadgets and garments from 007 movies. The sale total, according to Christie's, was $869,348.

You may recall that specially adapted Rolex wristwatch worn by Roger Moore in Live And Let Die?

Sold, for the low, low price of $37,560.