Street in Fukuoka, Japan Collapses Into Giant Sinkhole

PHOTO: A massive shinkhole is created in the middle of the business district in Fukuoka, southern Japan Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016.PlayAP
WATCH Massive Sinkhole Opens up in Japanese City of Fukuoka

A ruptured water main caused a huge sinkhole to open up in the Japanese city of Fukuoka early Tuesday, prompting officials to halt transportation and evacuate part of the densely-populated downtown area.

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Fukuoka city officials say the sinkhole measures about 90 to 100 feet across. The city ordered the evacuation of nearby buildings and police cordoned off the area.

This video shows the moment when part of the gaping hole caved in.

The sinkhole caused power outages and disrupted traffic in the city of 1.5 million million in southern Japan. Up to 800 households as well as the international terminal at Fukuoka Airport lost power, Japanese broadcaster NHK reported.

The sinkhole occurred near construction work to extend the Nanakuma subway line. City officials say it may take as long as three days to fill the hole with a special mixture of soil and cement.