Twin 12-Year-old Syrian Refugees Detail Their Dangerous Journey

Brothers, 12, opened up about how they plan to proceed.

— -- Twin 12-year-old Syrian boys appeared animated and happy to chat when they met an ABC News reporter at the Serbian border town of Horgos but that didn't stop them from opening up about how harrowing the journey has been.

They identified themselves as Khaled and Fahad. Their father, who was standing right behind them, did not want them to give their last name. They wore matching plaid, button-down shirt and fedora-like hats, Khaled in the white hat and Fahad in the black hat.

"We go in a rubber boat," Fahad said in English, adding that there were 50 people in the boat.

"And it was storm, it was terrible," Khaled said. "We so tired and it's so scary trip."

They said that the big waves made them fear that they would die or drown in the passage.

In spite of the arduous journey so far, they said they're still ready for the rest of the trek.

But Khaled said they do have one new rule: "No more rubber boats."