UK Asking US Authorities Why British Muslims Are Being Denied Entry to US

British officials want an explanation for passengers being kept off flights.

— -- British officials are asking US authorities to explain why a number of British Muslim passengers have been stopped from boarding flights to the United States, a Downing Street spokesman told ABC News.

A British Muslim family gearing up for a trip to Los Angeles to visit relatives had their visa waiver revoked as they tried to board their flight.

A prominent British Imam also says his visa was revoked as he attempted to board a flight to New York.

The Imam, Ajmal Masroor, is a well-known figure in the London Muslim community. He had been issued a five-year entry visa in 2014 after passing two interviews and further screening. Masroor attempted to board a Virgin flight to New York last week but he was taken aside and told his visa had been revoked, without explanation.