Video Shows Turkish Military Firing Over Protesters During Coup Attempt

Hundreds of protesters marched a Turkish highway toward the servicemen.

— -- Dramatic video shows Turkish military firing shots over protesters amid a coup attempt Friday night.

The video shows hundreds of protesters marching and chanting on a Turkish highway as the military stands facing them with their guns drawn, a tank behind them.

As the protesters approach the service members, they fire several shots over the heads of those in the crowd, who respond by putting their hands up and waving flags feverishly.

A number of protesters get close to members of the military, who continue to fire shots in the air. One man is restrained by his companion as he yell at the serviceman who just fired off shots. Behind him, protesters continue to move closer to the tank, and several more shots are fired.

Martial law and a curfew was imposed in Turkey after a faction of the military attempted a coup. The police headquarters in the capital of Ankara was reportedly attacked, according to American and foreign officials.

The Turkish Chief of Army is back on duty after he was rescued from detention, Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said, adding that those who held him hostage have been "eliminated."