Painting Prodigy: Kid's Art Sells for More Than $200,000

A U.K. 7-year-old sold 33 paintings in half an hour.

LONDON, August 2, 2010 -- A child's art is often displayed prominently on the family fridge, but one English boy has far surpassed that standard, recently exhibiting and selling his collection of paintings for more than $200,000.

Seven-year-old Kieron Williamson of Norfolk, U.K., known in the British media as "Mini Monet," has impressionist style and impressive impact: All 33 works in his latest collection sold in 27 minutes, earning $236,850.

People from as far away as South Africa, Arizona and New Jersey showed up at the Picturecraft Art Gallery to purchase the prodigy's prized work. Many camped outside the gallery for two days awaiting the 9 o'clock sale, gallery owner Adrian Hill said.

"Kieron is painting so far in advance of his own years," Hill said. "There are many talented artists out there, but I can't think of one that's made such an impact at such a young age."

Hill, who has known the Williamson family since before Kieron was born, said Kieron has always been fascinated by art.

As a small child, he would walk around the gallery and closely examine all of the works each time he visited, Hill said.

Now, there is a wait list of 700 people who want an original Kieron work.

Hill said the reason for the demand is the relatable style of the paintings.

"They're impressionist without being abstract and realistic without being photographic," he said.

That impressionist style is rare in an age in which many art students become abstract or contemporary artists, gallery employee and art student Charlotte Hoar said.

"It's fantastic to see a style that was around hundreds of years ago brought back by a seven-year-old living in Norfolk," she said.

Although focused on his work, Kieron is still a typical kid. While others set up for the exhibition, he was chasing bubbles in the parking lot, Hill said.

Kieron has yet to understand the financial implication of his success but he does get excited every time he sells a painting, Hill said.

Kieron Just Getting Started

And, based on demand, it seems Kieron will be selling paintings for years to come.

"I would happily exhibit all of them in the gallery," Hill said.