10 Amazing Apps to Simplify Wedding Planning

Find a gown, register for gifts and organize guests with a click and a swipe.

Aug. 28, 2013— -- intro: And you thought finding Prince Charming was the hard part? From tracking down your dream gown to navigating guest lists and all the flower arrangements in between, wedding planning can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there are a slew of apps available to help streamline the process, stay social with the bridal party and sometimes even save you some money. Here are 10 apps worth downloading to your device.

quicklist: 1title: The Knot Wedding Dress Look Booktext: They say all eyes are on the bride come wedding day, which can put a lot of pressure on finding the perfect frock. Thankfully, now ladies can browse hundreds of dresses from the park, the doctor's office, on the bus or at a friend's house, all by using the Knot Wedding Dress Look Book app. Plus, bookmark favorites and find local bridal salons nearby. (Free; iTunes.) media: 20085351

quicklist: 2title: Pinteresttext: If you've never used Pinterest before and wondered, "What's the point?" getting engaged may change your mind. This online scrapbooking platform allows couples to keep track of ideas they may want to incorporate on "the big day," such as floral arrangements, lighting or tablescapes. Three secret boards ensure privacy, while the app makes it all portable. (Free; iTunes.)media: 20085402

quicklist: 3title: Appy Coupletext: This much-buzzed-about service allows users to create a personal wedding site and app to share important travel, lodging and event information with guests. Settings can be made private or public. Plus, couples can filter certain event updates for specific groups (i.e., bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner) and there is unlimited photo storage. ($28 setup fee for couple, app download free for all guests; iTunes. Further customizations begin at $125 for a color change.) media: 20085456

quicklist: 4title: Gift Registry 360 text: Also created by the great minds at the Knot, this app lets brides and grooms add items to their registry from any online store by scanning the barcode information and condensing everything to a single list. Purchased items are updated automatically. (Free. iTunes.)media: 20085522

quicklist: 5title: Postable text: If you dread having to call every guest to ask for address information, this is the site for you. With Postable, brides send out one email to friends and family, sharing a link to an address book. They fill out a form and suddenly everyone's information is organized in a neat file for sending invitations, thank you notes and more. Bonus: Postable offers a function in which users can type a note that will print out in a "handwritten" font. (Free. Postable.com)media: 20085622

quicklist: 6title: TopTablePlanner text: Now that you've got everyone's names spelled correctly (thanks, Postable!) it's time to figure out where they will all sit at the reception. Enter, TopTablePlanner, an app that allows you to import your list, then drag and drop names onto a table diagram as guests RSVP. Other cool features include the ability to adjust table size, indicate meal preference and add other room elements. (Free; iTunes.)media: 20085730

quicklist: 7title: Pro Wedding Planner text: For Type A brides who want to manage every minute detail, this app practically does it all. In addition to a seating-plan utility, the app allows users to create an augmented reality by uploading images of the reception site. Brides can then decorate the room on their phones to see how everything will look. When that's done, track RSVPs, to-do-lists and budgets all in the same space. ($4.99; iTunes)media: 20086056

quicklist: 8title: Vyclone text: Now that you've finally made it to your wedding day, don't you want to capture as much as possible? Tell friends and family to download Vyclone. The app aggregates all your guests' wedding videos and mashes them up into a seamless video. Super creative types can continue to edit the reel and add a soundtrack right from your phone. (Free; iTunes; Google Play; Windows Store)media: 20085811

quicklist: 9title: Switchcam text: If editing video sounds scary and tedious but you still like the idea of a crowd-sourced wedding video, Switchcam splits the difference. The app aggregates all of your guests video and photo uploads for free. But for $299, an editor will blend the footage together for a three-to-five minute highlight video. This can literally slash the cost of a wedding video by thousands of dollars. ($299 for editing service; otherwise free; iTunes)media: 20085901

quicklist: 10title: Wedding Partytext: If you dig the create-your-own-hashtag vibe of modern weddings but want to aggregate images in a less public place, consider Wedding Party. This photo-caching app allows friends and family to upload their images to a single site viewable on MyWedding.com (as opposed to Instagram or Facebook). From there, you can choose what you want to reveal to the world. (Free; iTunes)media: 20087603

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