Here's What a $74 Million Cake Looks Like

What on earth makes a cake worth that much money?

— -- The photos below are of a cake reportedly worth $74 million.

That is not a typo. That's million with an m.

What on earth makes a cake worth that much money? The answer is diamonds. Lots of diamonds.

"These [diamonds] were owned by the family already who had commissioned me to make the cake," Wingham told ABC News. "The stones were gifted to the daughter by the family and were part of a private collection. So although the cake was worth 74 million US dollars, that's not what I was paid for the cake."

The creation, however, did inspire Wingham to start a new business venture: Couture to Cakes.

The runway is decorated with 400 one carat and 35 three-carat white diamonds and 75 three-carat black diamonds. The diamonds were attached to the cake similar to the way Wingham attaches them to gowns: set in platinum in order to add impact and value but this time, attached with icing instead of thread. Every piece of the cake was hand sculpted by Wingham over 1,100 hours. The cake weighs almost 1k pounds.