New App Lets You Wear Instagram Photos On Your Nails

Thanks to one app, nail art knows no boundaries.

— -- Thanks to one app, nail art knows no boundaries.

A new company called NailSnaps is eliminating the struggle of painting designs onto your nails – by letting you turn your photos into custom nail wraps.

"I saw lots of really great nail art when people painted their nails, but I certainly don’t have the skill with those little brushes,” said NailSnaps co-creator Angel Anderson. “I love the idea of being able to take a picture and put it on your nails, so we decided on a very simple app to do that.”

Users start by downloading the iTunes app, which accesses your mobile phone, Facebook, and Instagram photos.

Before creating your NailSnaps, the app will give a live tutorial that’ll show you how to rotate, resize, or zoom into the photo of your choice.

“It allows you to create an entire story in five fingers,” Anderson said. “We wanted to make sure the user experience was easy and fun.”

You then have the option to save it to a gallery, share with friends, or purchase through Paypal or with a credit card.

Putting on NailSnaps is easy (I tested them out with a photo of my cat Buster). The package comes with both petite and regular sizes, depending on the width of your nail bed.

Just peel each one off the sheet, press and smooth onto your nails. Then, remove the edges with the little nail file that’s included.

They’re already pretty shiny, but you can apply a top coat if you choose. They last about a week, Anderson says.

My NailSnaps have the same image on all five fingers, but you could have multiple images if you’d like.

NailSnaps are priced at $19, including free shipping. Expedite shipping and international orders are available as well.