April Showers Bring . . . Awesome Umbrellas

These umbrellas are so much cooler then the one you're carrying.

April 8, 2014— -- What's being marketed as the only hands-free/non-invertible umbrella, the Nubrella was featured on ABC's Shark Tank and is now available for pre-purchase for $39.99.

The regular price, according to the nubrella web site, is $59.99. A small price to pay for the ability to walk and text in the rain.

If doggy raincoats and boots weren't enough, there's also a pet umbrella for sale. The handle of the umbrella acts like a leash. It's available at MyFavoritePetShop.com for $19.99.

One of the main issues with umbrellas is that it holds one hand hostage from doing other things. So with the remaining hand you pretty much have to pick: phone or coffee. It's not hands-free like nubrella, but this umbrella with a cup holder built in does solve the problem of what to do with your drink, even if that drinks happens to be beer like the guy has in the photo. You can help make the cup-holder umbrella a reality; there's a few days left to raise funds on Kickstarter. The cup holder even pivots so the umbrella can be collapsed without spilling a drop.

There's no cool way to carry your collapsed umbrella, unless you carry it on your back like a ninja sword. The Ninja Sword umbrella comes with a blade-like handle and a pack with a strap that goes around your back. When closed, it pretty much looks just like a sword.

There's not much worse than getting soaked by rain. Except maybe being protected from the rain by your umbrella only to get all wet when you close the umbrella and the rain that has gathered on it splashes all over you. Solution: the inverted umbrella. When it closes, only the dry part is exposed. It costs $95 according to Spoon-Tamago.com.

You know when you're walking with someone and trying to share one umbrella and it's not big enough and one person gets dripped on the whole time? That's the worst. This two-person umbrella, however, has two umbrellas with one handle. It's available from TheGadgetFlow.com for $55.