Baby boy desperately tries to nap on his big, fluffy goldendoodle

“Oliver is constantly using Leo as a pillow,” said mom Michele Whitlow.

— -- Little Oliver and fluffy Leo are the best of friends. And 11-month-old Oliver loves trying to nap on Leo — over and over and over again.

“Oliver is constantly using Leo as a pillow,” Oliver’s mom, Michele Whitlow, told ABC News.

Leo was the couple’s “first baby,” she said, and has been very patient since Oliver came along.

“Leo has always loved attention. Originally, when Oliver was born, Leo was sort of getting shafted because all the attention was going to Oliver,” she said. “So he was feeling left out. But over time he realized Oliver can actually play with him, and now they’re constantly together.”

Whenever Oliver touches Leo, a golden retriever and poodle mix, “he becomes a statue,” said Whitlow.

“He just stands still. He just stands still and lets Oliver climb all over him,” she added. “He’s superpatient. He doesn’t seem to care, ever.”

The dynamic duo is inseparable.

“Anything Oliver is doing, Leo is following,” said the proud mom. “He loves to lay his head on him and, honestly, nail on his head. We’re trying to teach Oliver to be gentle with Leo, but he’s your typical boy — rambunctious. But Leo is so patient, and it’s been good for us that Oliver is learning with him.”