Barney's Designer Launches App for Vintage Fashion Finds

Reissued curates everything from tees to couture.

May 16, 2014— -- Looking for a signature style but coming up empty? Perhaps you should look to the past.

A designer for Barney's luxury boutique has launched a new fashion app for purchasing vintage apparel right from the palm of one's hand.

This week, founder Jen DeLonge unveiled Reissued, an online marketplace that allows users to search for and buy one-of-a-kind fashion, home décor, music and art items from their phone that are typically found at only the best flea markets or fancy secondhand shops.

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"As a designer, I am always inspired by hard-to-find items and unique pieces," said Jen DeLonge, an interior and furniture designer by trade. "I knew I wanted to create a marketplace that gives sellers the platform to push out product to their loyal followers and for new users to discover beautiful finds that we couldn't usually have access to or get our hands on."

And fast.

"You can sell something in 20 seconds, and buy it in under five,' said DeLonge.

Items available have been curated by longstanding leaders in the fashion and design world, such as American Rag, Decades, Urban Americana, OneFortyThree, A Current Affair, Satya Twena Millinery, Ascot & Hart and Amber Interiors, among many others.

So if you live in an area where there is a dearth of vintage options, Reissued offers a modern alternative to hopping on a plane or braving a long drive. Plus, no must or dust. Everything on the app appears as chic and gallery-worthy as something one would find on Gilt Groupe, ShopStyle or Diane Von Furstenberg. The interface is slick, clean and intuitive.

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"The biggest appeal of vintage wear is that it allows you to show your original style that’s true to you," said DeLonge. "We are all inspired by different genres of fashion, influencers and tastemakers. You can own your own look with vintage."

She doesn't expect enthusiasts to necessarily eschew traditional vintage shops ever after.

"The app complements vintage stores," she said. "We love brick and mortar shops and being able to complete that experience for business owners in a mobile capacity brings so many of these storefronts full-circle for their retail success."