4 cleaning hacks with everyday items already in your home

The magazine's style director demonstrated her top hacks live on "GMA."

Here is a breakdown of how you can use some common household items to tackle some of the hardest-to-clean messes in your home:

1. Use ketchup and salt to polish copper

If your copper items are starting to look tarnished, simply squirt some ketchup onto a rag and then sprinkle some salt on top of it. Rub the mixture onto your copper items and repeat until you've covered their entire surfaces. Finally, rinse off the mixture to reveal the shiny, polished, copper.

2. Use aluminum foil as a scrub brush

If you don't have a dish scrubber handy, Bergamotto recommends simply balling up some foil and using this instead.

3. Use a lint roller or piece of bread to pick up glitter and glass

If you have children who have made a mess either with glass or while making a glittery craft, you know how hard it can be to pick up fine shards of glass or tiny pieces of glitter.

Bergamotto recommends using white bread, or even a bagel, to clean up these messes. You can also use a lint roller. First, sweep up any big shards and then go in with the piece of bread or lint roller to get any of the fine shards that were left behind.

4. Use static spray to clean up pet hair

If pesky pet hair gets caught in any upholstered furniture, simply spray the fabric with an anti-static spray. This breaks the charge that causes fur to cling to these surfaces, and makes the fuzz easier to gather or vacuum up, according to Bergamotto.