Feeding Frenzy Expected as Milk and Cookie Shots Go on Sale

The cookie of your dreams will finally go on sale Friday in NYC.

March 12, 2014 — -- The cookie of your dreams will finally go on sale this Friday at Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City.

The French pastry chef and owner of the bakery, also known as the “Cronut King”, has come up with another indulgent treat -- the Chocolate-Chip Cookie Milk Shot.

This perfect afternoon snack will be available as of 3 p.m. But the small bakery is only making 200 of them the first day, so you might want to plan your day accordingly if you’re trying to get a first bite, er, drink.

"People have already been calling just to say they’re coming,” said an assistant manager at the Spring Street bakery. She tells these customers to “get here early” as they are expecting “quite a line.”

Don’t worry too much. The treat sells at $3 per shot -- with a limit of two per person -- so that as many craving customers as possible can get a taste.

In the form of a shot glass, the cookie is filled with extra cold organic milk, which is previously infused with Tahitian vanilla beans for at least 24 hours.

Ansel came up with the idea after recently trying an Oreo for the first time, discovering in the process the American tradition of coupling the snack with a cold glass of milk. What had never occurred to us before, despite our milk-dunking obsession, was merely a “simple idea” to the pastry chef. Then the festive shot-glass idea took shape as Ansel considered the first audience to consume the desert -– fans at SXSW.