Couple welcomes puppy to family with paw-dorable sex reveal photo shoot

"I’ve been wanting to do some way to announce it to the world,” she said.

— -- These proud fur-baby parents wanted to announce their new pup Raven in a special way.

Kennedy Sartwell and Jake Terry of Warrensburg, Missouri, had a sex reveal photo shoot for the dog.

“I’ve been looking for a puppy for quite a while and I’ve been wanting to do some way to announce it to the world,” Kennedy, 19, told ABC News. “Mom and I were coming up with ideas and thought of a [sex] reveal.”

The black lab and German shepherd mix had a blast being the center of attention.

“It was the dog’s photo shoot and she ran the show,” said Kennedy.

Kennedy’s mom, Cristy Sartwell, is a photographer. They hope to capture each of Raven’s milestones moving forward.

“It was a quick shoot for Jake and Kennedy to show their puppy to their family and friends, and we had no intention of this. But it’s exciting,” Cristy said of the popularity of the photos, which have been shared more than 150,000 times on Facebook.

They chose the name Raven because that was the name of Cristy’s very first dog also.

“We didn’t know how my mom would feel about it and we brought her over to the house and she said, 'Aww you should name her Raven,’” said Kennedy.