You Can Curl Up With Fabio in Front of a Fire on Valentine's Day

Hallmark is offering an 18-minute-long video of Fabio’s undivided attention.

— -- No date for Valentine’s Day? No problem. You can cuddle up for a little pillow talk with Fabio.

Hallmark is offering 18 minutes of the long-haired lothario’s undivided attention on their streaming site, and it’s absolutely everything you’d hope it would be. There’s cheesy romantic music, rose petals, champagne, the glow of a fire and, inexplicably, a wine machine.

Of course he isn’t really listening to your innermost fantasies and secrets, and it may not lead to a fairy tale ending, but for all your single folks out there, consider yourself taken this Valentine’s Day.

By the way, all the kittens in this tantalizing video are adoptable.