Food Fight! When Recipe Comments Go Crazy

PHOTO: A rainbow tie-dye birthday cake caused commenters to go crazy.Tablespoon
A rainbow tie-dye birthday cake caused commenters to go crazy.

Commenting on the Internet can be like navigating a minefield -- even when it comes to seemingly innocuous topics like how to make a fun birthday cake.

After an Australian radio station posted a peppy guide to making an “Amazing Rainbow Tie-Dye Number Surprise Cake,” people responded in an insane way, with over 700 comments quickly down spiraling into a hilarious insult free-for-all.

It was a simple question that sparked the out of control back-and-forth, with one user asking, “How long do you freeze the numbers?”

Another commenter replied, “till they are FROZEN,” and after that, all bets were off, sparking hundreds of entertaining responses that quickly turned snarky.

And this isn’t the first time recipe commenters have gotten a little out of control. Reddit users, famous for their lengthy back-and-forths on posts, have constant comment battles in the recipes section, often nitpicking each other on the tiniest of errors.

One user posted a recipe saying, “I made the most moist bran muffins today,” prompting another to wonder, “How do you know you made the most? How many did you make?”

Another thread with a cocktail-making graphic really got users up in arms. The graphic, an inside joke for civil engineers about how they would set a plan drawing on how to make drinks, goes over many users’ heads, causing a ton of comment confusion and angst.

“Yeah, this is the least helpful guide to making drinks I've ever seen,” wrote one reader.

Another then posted a real drink recipe and the comments devolved into people attacking the user for the recipe’s supposed inauthenticity for including an orange slice in an Old Fashioned.

“Don't know where you've been, but every bar I've been to does,” the user replied, defending the post.

Another user answered, “Maybe try going to a decent bar sometime?”

It’s a rough recipe world out there, folks -- even a friendly rainbow birthday cake can get you into trouble. Comment with caution!