Foodies, Chefs Cook Up Pot-Pairing Menus Ahead of 420

From falafel sandwiches to coffee blends, smokers can curate their munchies.

"We’re still in that phase where most people are used to buying it from a guy on the corner, but they really don’t know that much about it," said Brett Davis, events director of Green Labs in Denver, which is hosting "Cannabis & Coffee" pairing event this month as part of its schedule of 420 fetes.

"So we go into a lot of detail explaining the origin of each strain, its taste, flavor profile, the physical effects on the body," Davis said. "We want people to walk away feeling like they know a lot more and can enjoy the experience that much more."

For instance, an aromatic strain of cannabis such as Lavender, Davis said, pairs much better with a fruity coffee roast than earthier strains that tend to taste too woody or burnt. A dark-roasted bean pairs well with a Blueberry strain. The two-hour class, which will include two strain tastings and copious cups of java, will cost participants $40.

If a cuppa whets your appetite, there's plenty more where that came from.

The chain's menu goes on to explain, "The aroma of the marijuana Lemon Haze strain is zesty, citrusy, and a little sweet. The [sandwich] toppings enhance the high with bold, tart flavors and varied textures. The pot/sandwich pairing has been known to introduce energy and creativity."

So far, Young said, most diners have received the promotion warmly and, in some cases, taken menus home with them. Sandwiches will be sold for $4.20 on the day of the big event.