Georgia Fitness Enthusiast's Profanity-Laced Video Draws Some Support Despite Unconventional Message

"Their personality might be beautiful, but your body, in my opinion, is not."

"It's been 95 percent positive and these other news agencies are saying I'm under fire," Burk of Hinesville, Georgia told ABC News. "I have so much overwhelming support for what I said. I see a comment here, a comment there, but mostly I hear 'Thank you for saying that.'

"I've changed thousands of lives daily from people saying that 'This is the blunt-force trauma I needed for me to quit making excuses and lying to myself, and get up and do something.'"

Burk, 31, a former drill sergeant in the United States Army Infantry, said some viewers are portraying his speech as negative, however, he said he posted it on Facebook to encourage people to choose a healthier lifestyle.

"First and foremost, I will not apologize," he said. "I will not retract what I said regardless of what society thinks. There is a difference between anger and passion. That was passion. People are so quick to say 'Oh, he's so angry.'"

Burk uploaded the profanity-laced video on July 5, where it has since received over 3 million views and upwards of 31,000 shares.

In addition, the comments came rolling in — some calling Burk a "mouthy bully" and others saying he's "inspirational."

"What really aggravates me is how society views it that it's perfectly OK to be overweight, as long as you're happy," Burk said. "People keep saying it's not my business and you're right, it's not. I think the blunt truth of it is either making an excuse, or you're going after it. Essentially, that’s what this video was about."

Burk, a father of two, said he feels it's important for adults to adopt positive eating habits for the sake of their children.

"My overall goal, quite honestly, is to start a revolution to stop living so unhealthily," he said. "We can do so much for our lives. For me, it starts with good health and fitness and a good, healthy, mind. The people that work had and go to the gym, they're called obsessed with their body, gym rats, meat heads — but if someone is eating too much or degrading their health and you say one negative thing, you are 'fat shaming.' It’s the hypocrisy that I can't understand.

"Their personality might be beautiful, but your body, in my opinion, is not," Burk added. "Since when did it become beautiful for someone to be obese? It's not. It's unhealthy. People automatically assume that’s fat shaming."

Burk said that he will continue making more videos for Facebook and his site, in hopes to coach viewers on nutrition and basic workout tips.