Gigi Hadid, Tommy Hilfiger Show New Tommy X Gigi Womenswear Collection on ‘GMA’

The collection debuts tonight at New York Fashion Week.

Hadid and Hilfiger were on hand for the “GMA” fashion show and discussed their collaboration.

"I think you can update your wardrobe all the time," Hilfiger said of the collection. "If you’re a jean-wearer, you can buy great tops, sweaters, jackets. If you want a dress for work, we’ve got dresses in all different sizes and colors. We have something a little more glamorous for holiday parties, evenings. We really have covered everything across the gamut in casual lifestyle."

While the clothes are the signature nautically-inspired style of longtime designer Hilfiger, Hadid’s influence has lent them feminine silhouettes and sporty, chic details.

"She has an amazing sense of style," Hilfiger said of Hadid. "But at the same time as being a super model, she’s probably the most important social media star in the world. She has more followers and more fans across the globe than anyone else. She also has her feet on the ground. They say a lot of models are this and that. This girl has a brain. She’s polite, she’s respectful."

"They’re all very much my style, and lot of it was obviously looking at vintage Tommy pieces that we love and bringing back certain things," Hadid added. "It’s a really great mix of the classic East Coast style of Tommy Hilfiger and my West Coast style. But all of them are really me."

Hilfiger and Hadid took questions from “GMA” audience members, including fashion bloggers and students.

"As a woman and a model, what’s most important to you when designing clothes?," asked one FIT student.

"I always say that I feel the most beautiful when I feel comfortable," Hadid explained. "I feel like if I’m fidgeting with stuff then I always am second guessing it. So I wanted to make a collection that I want to wear all the time. It’s definitely comfortable. You’re never going to feel out of place in it."

The collection features apparel, footwear, fragrance and accessories such as watches and sunglasses. Hadid is the collection’s global ambassador.