Girl Scout Cookies Drive-Thru Now Open

— -- The Girl Scouts have employed a creative new way for you to get your hands on some Thin Mints and Tagalongs.

"They've been selling at banks, roping off drive-thru areas in shopping malls, and parking lots," says Patricia Mellor, council CEO. "The girls make up the signs, they are the salespeople but the adults are there to supervise to make sure they're safe."

For four more weekends, the troops of Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains will be working to reach their astounding goal of 1,265,000 boxes sold.

All cash and major credit cards are accepted, Mellor tells ABC News.

It is unclear how many boxes the girls have sold so far.

"We started our booth sales on Feb. 28," says Kristel Rigoli, director of sales and marketing. "Ten percent of our booths are drive-thrus, Twenty-five percent of our sales come from booths. What we’re finding is the drive-thru style allows an entire troop to participate and I think its wonderful for the girls."

The chapter plans to continue drive-thrus as a means for selling cookies for years to come.