Girl, 2, walks through wet concrete in family's basement in home-renovation fail

The toddler was looking for her parents when she walked through the renovation.

— -- A Tennessee toddler caused a delay in her family’s home-renovation project when she walked through freshly-poured concrete in the basement.

Izzadora Millaway, 2, was looking for her parents at her family’s Cleveland, Tennessee, home on Friday when she walked down to the basement.

The floor of the basement, which had been a playroom for Izzadora and her two siblings, had just been covered in concrete about 30 minutes earlier by contractor Jonathan Porter and his fellow workers.

“We were putting our tools back in the truck and I thought, ‘Well, I’ll just go over here and look inside the basement and see how it’s firming up,’” Porter, the owner of Porter Concrete Construction Co., told ABC News. “And I saw the little girl standing there.”

He continued, “She wasn’t moving at all and I turned around and said, 'Oh my God.’”

Izzadora’s parents, Brad and Sara Millaway, were standing just outside the basement with Porter when he called out to tell them Izzadora was in the concrete.

“I was kind of shocked and I figured Jonathan was going to have a conniption fit,” Sara Millaway told ABC News. “He actually thought it was rather comical.”

Millaway said Izzadora and her siblings were upstairs with their grandmother but Izzadora snuck away when she heard her parents’ voices coming from downstairs.

She froze in place when she saw Porter, and then eventually walked towards him and out of the concrete. Porter said they thoroughly washed off Izzadora’s legs and she suffered no injuries.

“I picked her up and we laughed about it,” he said. “Normally we see dogs and cats in this, but not little kids.”

“That was a first,” said Porter, who has been in the concrete business for 30 years.

Millaway said Izzadora did not seem fazed by the accident.

“She was just kind of like, ‘I found you,’” Millaway said.

Porter and his crew waited for the concrete to firm and then filled in the holes left by Izzadora’s footsteps.

The Millaways saved the memory forever by preserving the footprints of Izzadora and her older brother, Colten, in a corner of the basement.