Little Girls Left Out of 'Thomas & Friends' Catalog, Mom Says

PHOTO: Rebecca Binder and Amanda Laws daughter is seen here playing with Thomas & Friends trains.PlayCourtesy Amanda Laws
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Rebecca Binder's three-year-old daughter Reece is obsessed with Thomas the Train.

"It's the fist toy she really loved and stuck with," Binder told ABC News.

But Binder noticed that no girls are shown playing with Thomas & Friends products in the November catalog.

"There's one girl in the background of one photo while a boy plays with the trains," she said. "[Reece is] starting to distinguish boys from girls and I don't want to have to explain to her why there's no one that looks like her playing with the toys."

And in a check of the online product catalog, ABC News did not see any girls among the 342 product shots.

Reece's other parent, Amanda Laws, posted her disappointment on Facebook. The post has been "liked" 100 times.

Thomas & Friends is made by Fisher Price, which is owned by Mattel. Mattel did not respond to ABC News' request for comment.

"Girls love Thomas for the same reason boys do," Binder said. "The story lines are all about friendship and teamwork. I see her building complete worlds around her Thomas toys. I just don't want Reece to ever think it's weird that she likes them."