Little Girl's Reaction to Seeing a Ballerina Is Too Much Cuteness to Handle

“She just lit up and started trying to talk to her,” her mom said.

— -- When little Stella laid eyes on her very first ballerina, it was love at first sight.

She and her mom, Kiersten Schwendeman, were attending the Faerie Festival at Rockwood Park in Wilmington, Delaware, when all of a sudden, something very magical happened.

“She just lit up and started trying to talk to her,” Schwendeman told ABC News. “She loves people. I think the costume and the crown and the fact she was younger, she just loved her.”

The three ladies had all been taking a group photo together with Stella facing forwards, but when Schwendeman rotated her body so her baby girl was directly facing the ballerina, Abigail Cowan, the delight on the little girl’s face is almost too precious to handle.

“There’s very much just something about that ballerina,” her mom explained. “She just had a little connection. When the ballerina made eye contact, they just had the cutest little moment.”

The festival is a children’s celebration honoring the transition from summer into fall, featuring “fairies, pirates and gnomes, and make-your-own-wings and children’s shows with some ballerinas performing,” Schwendeman explained.

It was absolute heaven for little Stella, whose mom said has a “very big personality.”

“Ballerinas, dogs and little kids are her favorite things,” her mom said.

Now the adorable moment captured on camera is delighting social media and quickly going viral after her parents shared it on Facebook and Reddit.

"She had actually never seen a ballerina or anything ballet-related before in her life until that day so her reaction was very unexpected and surprised all of us," said Schwendeman. "It was a truly priceless moment and I'm so happy my mom captured it. She is not shy about expressing her opinions, so we know that we have definitely found one of her loves! We can't wait to take her to her first ballet this winter, hopefully one with her favorite dancer Abigail in it!"