How-To Guide for Throwing a Trendy 'Friendsgiving'

The Thanksgiving season sees friends gather together.

— -- Thanksgiving is just one day in November but now the idea of giving thanks over a good meal extends well beyond that, and with a broader group of people, thanks to "Friendsgiving."

Friendsgiving, a time that friends gather for food and fellowship in addition to their families’ Thanksgiving celebrations, has been deemed the new “it holiday” by Pinterest.

Pinterest reports the holiday is particularly popular among millennials, with Friendsgiving-related searches and saved pins up sharply from last year. A survey conducted by Sonos, a home sound system, and Spotify found that 57 percent of those surveyed said they look forward to gatherings like Friendsgiving more than their family’s holiday celebrations.

Friendsgiving celebrations can be held all holiday season long. Even though Thanksgiving is just one week away, it is not too late to invite your friends over for your own Friendsgiving.

Try these ideas trending on Pinterest to make your Friendsgiving one to remember.

Skip the Sit-Down Dinner

When it comes to food at Friendsgiving, one trend is to forget the traditional sit-down dinner of Thanksgivings past. Spinach puffs and pomegranate and cranberry bruschetta or mini apple pies give a seasonal feel while lessening the stress of a full Thanksgiving meal.

An interactive food station, like a DIY caramel apple bar, is also a good way to keep guests entertained. Darcy Miller, entertaining expert and author and illustrator of "Celebrate Everything," also suggests giving your Thanksgiving party a theme, like a pie party, or making it a potluck.

"Everyone can bring their favorite, savory or sweet, for a seasonal and warm meal," Miller said. "Take the pressure off by making sure everyone knows that the pies can be store bought!"

Official Invites

Friendsgiving has surpassed both Thanksgiving and holiday parties as an event that warrants an official invitation, whether by mail or a virtual invite, according to Pinterest. Click HERE for invitation ideas from Pinterest.

Casual Tablescapes

While Thanksgiving dinner with family can be a formal affair for some, friends gathered around the table calls for something more casual. A tablescape made of Kraft paper with the outlines of plates and silverware drawn on it is one of the most popular Friendsgiving decor ideas on Pinterest.

Thoughtful Conversation Starters

In the spirit of giving thanks, DIY crafts and recipes that prompt conversations about being grateful are also proving popular on Pinterest. One example is printable cards that feature questions like, "What are you most grateful for this year?"

Another popular idea puts the question of gratitude right in the dinner itself with "Thankful Rolls." A piece of paper with a question written on it is wrapped in aluminum foil and placed in the middle of the roll before it is baked. The question is then read at the Friendsgiving table to spark conversation.

Christy Denney of recommends including your guest's names in the messages to make it "really interesting."

Photo Booths

Ideas for Friendsgiving photo booths have been saved nearly 100,000 times on Pinterest this holiday season. Create a fall backdrop with pumpkins and falling fall leaves like this idea from one pinner, or use simple crepe paper in fall colors to create a backdrop.

Salad Side Dishes

Forget the feelings of gluttony after that decadent holiday meal. This year holiday salad ideas on Pinterest are up more than 650 percent this year compared to 2015, while the search term “healthy Thanksgiving” is already up 233 percent this fall.

This Fall Harvest Salad, topped with Pumpkin Goddess Dressing, brings in the flavors of Thanksgiving while keeping it light.