Hilarious 'Sexy Mom' Costume Photo Series Pokes Fun at Risque Halloween Outfits

The costume collection includes "Homeschooling Hottie Mom" and "Hot Mess Mom."

— -- Suzanne Fleet of Mobile, Alabama, is the mastermind behind the Toulouse & Tonic blog, and the writer recently posted a hilarious "sexy" costume guide for moms.

With hysterical options such as "Tantalizing Trash Can Mom," "Homeschooling Hottie Mom" and "Hot Mess Mom," Fleet made sure that every aspect of parenthood can be turned into a clever outfit to wear while taking your kids trick-or-treating.

Fleet, who is writing a book of essays about "finding the funny in the hardest, most unexpected parts of motherhood," said that she ultimately decided to create the "Sexy Halloween Costumes for Moms" blog post after seeing one too many adult-themed costumes that she didn't understand.

"I think I had just seen a 'sexy furry bear' or something and the idea just popped into my head," Fleet said.

Fleet enlisted the help of a few of her friends to pose for the pictures, and also featured her own sons, ages 8 and 3, in the Halloween costume photo shoot.

"[My sons] think this kind of stuff is fun and willingly stood in front of the camera and did what they already do anyway -- hand me their trash, even when a trashcan is 6 inches away," Fleet said.

Fleet said that her "sexy moms" costume series was meant to simply provide humor for other mothers who might see themselves in some of the costume ideas she listed.

"I never expected this blog post to get so much exposure, but it makes me happy to know that it's resonating with people and that it's hopefully both providing a much-needed laugh to moms out there and at the same time helping them know they're not alone," Fleet said. "My blog is all about letting parents know that we're all in this crazy mess called parenthood together."