Hotel Suite of the Week: Islamorada Suite at Cheeca Lodge

The Florida Keys hotel has both historical and pop-culture ties.

ByABC News
July 7, 2017, 5:37 PM

— -- The island of Islamorada in the Florida Keys has recently enjoyed pop-culture fame as a filming location for the hit Netflix series "Bloodline."

On Islamadora, which is so popular with the show's fans that they refer to it as if it were a character, is Cheeca Lodge, a luxury hotel where some of the thriller's scenes have been shot.

But the hotel also has historical ties. It's very first guest was President Harry Truman when the property opened in 1946.

It also became a favorite family retreat of President George H.W. Bush. He started the Presidential Sailfish Tournament in 1990 that is held annually each January.

One of the most coveted suites is the 1,400-square-foot Islamorada Suite. With Atlantic Ocean and Florida Bay views, the suite also has a large living room and bathroom, plus an open-air balcony.

Guests have easy access to the rest of the resort, including pools and restaurants.

Prices for the suite start at $699 per night.