Jumpstart Your 2016: Meet Two Women Who Have Lost Half Their Body Weight

Sarah Beasley and Angela Montanez lost a combined weight of 237 pounds.

ByABC News
December 30, 2015, 8:50 AM

— -- For the second day in a row, "Good Morning America" introduced two more people who shed half their body weight.

Sarah Beasley, 27, who lost 120 pounds and Angela Montanez, 35, who's down 117, both appear in People magazine's "Half Their Size" issue, currently on newsstands.

"At night when I was sad and feeling lonely, I went to chocolate icing when my kids went to bed. I didn’t want them to see me eating it but I hid it from them," Beasley said. "Now I like to have many healthy options."

"If I have carbs, I like to do whole foods -- carrots, vegetables, fruit," said Beasley, who added she starts her day with a meal replacement shake for breakfast. "It just makes my day flow better when I eat better."

Montanez, who originally weighed 245 pounds, began her journey to lose pounds more than two years ago after doctors informed her she had to get healthy if she wanted to live a long life.

Montanez, who now weighs 128 pounds, says her weaknesses were ice cream and cheesecake.

“I loved dairy. I loved ice cream. I loved cheesecake, but it was very bad for me inflammation wise, for my health, so I switched it up," Montanez said on "GMA."

Now, she said, she's switched to healthier options like drinking almond milk and sipping on butternut squash soup.

"I love to have nut-based milk, like almond milk and cashew milk," said Montanez, who will mix in a vegan protein powder for an added boost. "I also love soups, especially in the winter. They’re hearty. They’re warm, and you get that extra liquid that you really need."

People's "Half Their Size" issue is on newsstands nationwide right now.